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this site's just for funsies, don't worry about it

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websight update log:

added a 'skip intro' button to the main two content pages so you can just go straight to my funny lists, and a lil' favicon, and with that, i've reached the end of my to-do list for the site! thanks and good-bye (for now)

added an alternative mp3/ogg version of the site, as a funny backup in case the script im using to play midi music with ever dies, since it's hosted externally, on the creator's website

i did it: i added some funny autoplaying midis to the site, now it's finally a true geofreewebs page....

finally finished writing the About/Credits/Graphics pages at the bottom of the site, please enjoy my rambling there, and also made the Basic scriptless version of the site less heavy on graphics

big heckin overhaul of the site, after i decided to scrap the funny RPG theme in exchange for....!? only one way to find out, go check it out
(yes there's still a few pages not yet finished, but shhhh)

finally got done prepping a fancy pixel font to match the aesthetics, and with a new fancy menu to enable/disable it whenever you want
..yes, the actual content's still wip

appealified the frontpage a bit, now with two (2) entire graphic png's

made the 404 page more/less chaotic, probably

set up a funny github-based upload method, let's see if it works?? (if you can read this, it did)

uploaded the new style of base pages, with some backgrounds missing for some of them yet

first pages uploaded to neocities

struck with the sudden desire to make a neocities websight